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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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plots is critical. the police do not operate without rules. today the city inspector general on how the police intelligence bureau is doing in terms of compliance with the law. the report found the nypd had legal and valid reasons for 100% of the surveillance cases it conducted. >> we are pleased with the inspector general's report on the major issues of weather the cases were properly predicated for investigation. in other words, whether we were looking at the right people for the right reason within the bounds of the agreement. >> the nypd did not get a perfect report card. the inspector general found troubling lapses in following rules. inst indefinitely. the police have to get approval to extend surveillance work. according to the incident investigators who had full access to all case files, the
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more than half the time. also, the nypd, quote, failed to renew authorization of human sources or under covers more than half the time. >> rules are important. these are rules that were put in place to pro text constitutional rights. >> we are not questioning the decision to look into the matters, we are questioning how they went about investigating it and following and adhering to the rules. >> reporter: top brazil admitted to the clear top brazil admitted to the clerical problems and say they have a computer program that will alert them one month before the cases expire. >> they have failed the limitations on the surveillance powers. >> reporter: critics say individual constitutional rights are as critical in the war on terror. the inspector general will review the surveillance unit to
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yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we have a developing story in new jersey. smoke seen for smiles. that smoke seen for miles. a cab on a truck caught fire. news copter 7 was above the scene about 45 minutes ago. the fire is out and fortunately no one was hurt. the nypd says it is investigating a man's accusation that officers ignored a bias attack. omar said he was attacked on the suspect came up from behind, used a gay slur and punched him in the eye saturday afternoon. he went to a group of police officers nearby and he was ignored. >> the guy goes does it look like we are here to help? find someone that cares. we are here for terrorists attacks, not homeless people. >> the nypd is investigating the assault and the officers actions. tonight a crime of international import. new york cops looking for the
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and a minivan from an indonesian consulate on the upper east side. the two suspects caught on camera looking around the ground floor without sounding a burglar alarm. staff didn't notice anything missing until they watched the surveillance video. they got likely through an unlocked side door. no sensitive material was taken. in new jersey, a tree crashing on utility poles. it left live wires on the road as you can one actually lost power somehow. crews are working to repair the poles. a man is charged with drunk driving after slamming into nine parked cars in suv phoning county. -- suffolk county. many owners were inside a restaurant attending a birthday party. kristin thorne has more. >> reporter: liz, police say 53- year-old was driving westbound on east main street when he
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behind me parked here. this happened outside the mill pond tavern here in center port. the man that lives in certain port was charged with dwi. this happened during a birthday party going on in the tavern last night around 9:00. we stopped by the auto body shop where a lot of these nine cars are being held right now. the owner of the auto body shop tells me he believes the damages are between 150 and $200,000 total. we spoke to partygoers they heard the loud noise from inside. they say it sounded like he backed up and hit more cars, reversed then hit them again. the birthday girl said everyone ran out to see what was going on. >> he must have been drunk. we walked outside. there was a whole bunch of pieces of cars. everybody's car was basically totaled on the outside. he basically hit every car on the outside of the lot.
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from inside the restaurant ran out and tackled him inside his car and held him until police arrived. he is being held on $15,000 bail. live in center port, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. also in long island, the first funeral in the horrific crash on the long island expressway that killed six people. services for scott martella. the suffolk county executive. tomorrow services for two others. police are looking into whether carmelo was speeding with the car crossing the center grass median and going airborne into cars going the other direction. he was killed with his sister and son. a type a personality unless there is a letter that comes before a. a contribute from
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called him a cops cop. hundreds of officers saluting as the casket was carried into st. patrick's cathedral in midtown this morning. >> marks the end of anker investigator. we swear in a new police commissioner of a different generation. i will be moving on. timoney passed. >> timoney died at 68 from lunching cancer. he was a member of the nypd for more than 27 years. well, you this. that pledge and that quote from president obama to the people of flood ravaged baton rouge, louisiana. the president toured a battered neighborhood going door to door offering sympathy to residents as they took a break from the vast cleanup. the flooding resulted from a storm that dumped 2 feet of rain in two days and has been described as the worst disaster since superstorm sandy.
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continue to support you and help you until we get folks back in their homes and lives are rebuilt. >> the white house says $127 million in federal aid had been designated for temporary rental assistance, central home repairs and flood insurance payments. now to vote 2016, donald trump is heading to texas for a rally in austin. meanwhile g.o.p. vice presidential nominee mike pence stumping took time to go to a barbershop. the barber had no idea who he was. later pence criticized hillary clinton for joking last night about her e-mails. it happened on jimmy kimmel's show and he pushed the pay to play narrative. >> the american people are tired of pay to play politics in washington, d.c. and it will come to a crashing end when
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>> speaking of trump, he will be in two events in texas stressing tougher security on the border. tim kaine campaigning in colorado today as clinton attends fund-raising events. he lead a round table with business leaders and accused trump of using his presidential campaign to make money. he is renting space in one of his buildings and they are calling for a hearing into the 480% price hike on a lifesaving drug. a pack of epi pens that cost $100 in 2009 sells for $600. the doses cost about a dollar to produce. take a quick look at wall
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s&p 500 picked up 4. nasdaq up 15. stealing from the dead. as we continue with "eyewitness news at 6:00" for this tuesday night, the family of one veteran claims someone is taking flowers that they left at his grave. >> a surprise and much needed gift for a teenager whose wheelchair was stolen. tonight he has a brand-new one and a high-tech set of wheels. >> and they may be in tiny police -- shush should by police are doing a sting operation. the numbers this evening are beautiful, upper 70s and lower 80s. asbury park, what a great beach
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three men facing charges for stealing more than a million dollars of, wait for it, frozen eels. they were are rested at a restaurant in brooklyn. the owner of the fish contacted the men, agreed to buy the eels back but it was a sting operation. when high tide men showed up with 200 boxes, they were bussed. the next story deserves to be under the heading good people doing good things.
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man in new jersey. >> his old wheelchair was stolen. that day a rehab company said they would build a new care for courtney, a better chair that fit him properly. >> a.j. ross was there today. >> i almost lost faith in humanity. someone would do such an act. drew the community around courtney. his wheelchair was stolen while his mother was helping i am upstairs. >> as a parent of a special needs child, i didn't sleep much that night. we needed to get the wheelchair back. >> surveillance video helped police nap michael peralta caught on camera joy riding in the stolen chair. >> i couldn't thing that something like that could happen. after living in the community
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citizen, i was upset. >> touched by the story like many others around the country, senator o'toole reached out to quantum rehab in pennsylvania that donated this $30,000 state of the art model to courtney tuesday. >> we had to get it not just in restoring courtney's mobility but elevating his quality of life. >> with special features that enhance his mobility and ability to be independent, experts descri as the rolls-royce of wheelchairs. in addition to riding in style, the leonia police department arranged for courtney to see the favorite team the giants take on the pats next week. >> we are thankful to the community, to every one that heard about courtney's story and jumped in to help. it was a story of humanity. >> reporter: a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. meanwhile, a grieving family in rockland county are
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the grave of a be loved army veteran were repeatedly stolen. her father died earlier this year. cheryl says in the last two weeks flowers have been stolen from her father's grave twice. she said thefts were the toughest on her mom. >> she has gone through a rough time. this is her place to come and talk to dad and touch base with him and let him know what is going on. to come here and have everything taken was a sham cemetery is considering installing security cameras. >> let's hope so. >> that makes your blood boil, right. when we continue, we will shift gears. meteorologist lee goldberg with a picture perfect weather today. will it be picture perfect
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happy anniversary of sorts. tonight marks the 25th year that the public gained access
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you thought al gore invented it. users outside the european research lab where it was developed were invited to join. everyone did. we all do now. it gave rise to the internet as we know it. >> we are all addicted. >> things changed a bit. 25 years is nothing. >> amazing. >> 24 years ago yesterday hurricane andrew became a hurricane. >> r >> '92. devastating. >> yes. that was not a big season in terms of numbers but, of course, it on the takes one. so, we tell you that because we are concerned about the tropics as we go through the next week. we will watch it closely. a look at central park. the central park film festival, night number 2, the last dragon. that hit from 1985. marcus garvey park. a.j. ross will be up there. she is the master. the sheep meadow, blue skies.
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81 the high temperature. morning lows were the coolest since june 28th. we had 40s to the north and west. five warmer than tonight. 82 the average high. sunset at 7:42. a gorgeous evening. the september preview coming to an end as things heat up and humidity climbs above average the next seven days. spotty storms late in the week. not everyone will see those. we are tracking gaston. probably a hurric that -- hermine form? that will be the one we would be concerned about. whitestone 83. 82 in oakwood. inland numbers are around 80. coastal numbers in the mid-70s. comfortable evening. not as windy as last night. sunshine early, clear skies overnight. mostly sunny skies. we get in the mid- to upper- 80s, especially away from the coast. it's about the high pressure. a lot of clear real estate. great day coming up. as the high moves offshore, a
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mix on thursday, especially north and west. there could be a late day storm catskills, poconos, north west. not talking about a severe line of storms. watching these two storms here. there is gaston. winds of 65 miles per hour. this could be a category 2 hurricane with 100 miles per hour winds by the weekend but it's recurving east of bermuda into the shipping lanes. may at least strengthen into a tropical depression or storm. turks and caicos and bahamas and may threaten the southeastern u.s. by the weekend. we have to watch to see if it gets organized. tomorrow mostly sunny and warmer. humidity is down. humidity creeps up tomorrow night. mid- to upper-80s to near 90
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humid by friday. weekend looks fantastic. middle 80s. humidity not too high. monday and tuesday a spot storm. we could be watching a storm hermine that could be over the gulf of mexico. >> hermine. >> i thought it was like harry potter but it's hermine. >> thanks, lee. the giants and fans are feeling optimistic. he is improving. today victor cruz improved. he is taking a big step in his rehab process. now even closer to the first game action in nearly two years. and they already conquered the
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safe to say fans want to see cruz do a dance in the end zone. >> way too long since we have seen a salsa. reasonable for optimism with victor cruz. after battling a groin injury, today he was on the field and fully participating with the team for the most productive workout from camp. he did not appear to be affected by the groin strain. he made 7 catches. cruz will be back in practice tomorrow then he will preseason debut saturday against the jets. first game in nearly two years. yeah, his teammates are open 0 to mystic -- optimistic. >> that's what we are looking forward to seeing him do. >> back throughout catching balls, tearing up the field, bursting a bit, it feels good, feels right. the yankees and mariners in seattle. pinstripes hand the ball to c.c. to even things up.
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bad news. let's begin with the good. gary sanchez, baby boomer extraordinary named the american player of the week for last week then hit two home runs last night. right after the second home run gave the yankees the lead, seattle struck back. this is a three-run shot. mariners on top. 7th inning, a great play by sean o'malley. grab tyler austin's fly ball. yeah. 7-5. yanks drop the opener. at .500 on the season, mets are 4 1/2 behind the cardinals. they open a series against the cardinals in st. louis. it's kind of a big deal. don't look now but tim tebow is coming for you. the former nfl quarterback will hold the workout in front of big league teams one week from today, august 30th in los
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the world was in the best city as the gold medal winning americans celebrated the olympic glory with a stop at the em pier state building -- empire state building. they took in the sites up top. they won team gold in rio and their lives will never be the same. >> everything that all of us dreamed off, phenomenal experience. with the little girls when i go back in the gym. >> the view is stunning. so beautiful to see everything, the water, the buildings. it's a nice day. extraordinary. >> well, in less than one week, flushing meadows will be at the center of the tennis world. we know who the players are to beat. serena williams is the number one seed on the women's side.
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usain bolt stretches beyond the track. take the little league world series. one of the players for south core he radio i can't hit a home run. that means the team comes out to celebrate and the entire team doing bolt celebratory poses. i think the fastest man in the world would be quite proud. did it well. >> impressive. >> thank you, lawyer run. let's take a look at what we are working >> caught on camera, a drunk driver in new jersey speeding at more than 90 miles per hour and weaving in and out of traffic. wait until you see how this one ends. more new moms are breastfeeding after birth. the one thing experts say they aren't doing that could endanger their health. more at 11:00. >> see you then. thank you. that's it for us for now. thank you for watching. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. david muir and world nice us up
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have a great night. >> bye-bye. tonight, donald trump taking aim. new and scathing attacks on hillary clinton. amid new reports about who got to meet with clinton while she was secretary of state. and tonight, clinton herself responding to trump's claims about her health. also learned about the deadly police shooting. the young father, who was deaf, pouring through police videos. was he trying to use sign language when he was shot? the state of emergency. the wildfires tonight. also, the severe storms hitting the middle of the country this evening, as president obama visits the flood-ravaged south. the uproar tonight. the student athlete who walks free, accused of sexually assaulting two of his classmates. the judge tonight under fire. and american families fleelsed again?


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